Before CMP

With other companies, you may not get what you feel you deserve. Without a strong visual presence, great work ethic and the appropriate customer service, you may still be at a high risk for loss.

With CMP

There is a marked difference at first sight of our presence. We place our officers according to your needs and we always give our clients options to raise or lower visual deterrents. Now, that’s customer service!

Trust Us

We know security

Our Level of expertise in the industry is unheard of. Our company was built by retired law enforcement with a passion for safety and public service. With over 100 years of combined experience, it’s hard not to continue to do what we love.

During the structural phase of our company, we listened to YOU; we heard your concerns for higher level security services, better customer service, faster response times and the need for professional Officers.

Alarm Response and Patrol is our passion. Safety and Security is our life. There is no job too big or too small for CMP, just ask us about it, we know security.

Seriously, ask us
Our Background
  • Retired Law Enforcement Managers
  • Pre/Post/Current Law Enforcement Staff
  • Pre/Post/Current Military on Staff
  • Security/Emergency Medical Technicians on Staff
  • Security Certified Staff
  • BSIS Certified Staff
Our Front Line
  • Armed Patrol Fleets
  • Alarm Response Units
  • Dual Purpose “Medical Stand-in” Units
  • Private Investigator Team
Our Priorities
  • Customer Relationships
  • Faster Response Times
  • Quicker Answers
  • Community Outreach
  • Business Community Networking
  • Local Law Enforcement Relationships
  • Community Cleanliness
Patrol Services

Patrol Services

The Marked Difference

Officer Detail

Officer Detail


Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

Monitoring and Response



Layers of Security

Special Operations

Special Operations


Why California Metro Patrol?

24 Hour Member hotline

As a client, you’ll receive the benefits of having us by your side 24 hours a day.

Visual Deterrents

We don’t drive Priuses, Souls, Civics, or Station Wagons. We have Professional Security Vehicles, designed to back-up our Highly Trained Officers.


Had an incident? Our Officers are trained to conduct written reports. Reports play an important role when contacting your local Law enforcement for answers and for a numerous amount of other things.


Let us play the middle man. We are constantly in communication with your local Law Enforcement and your Neighbors. Come to us, we can help.

“Building a professional relationship with CMP has expanded the range of services my clients are looking for. It’s Patrol and Response done right.”

-Shane MarkoffFounder, Pro Systems Inc.

“We recommend California Metro Patrol to any business that genuinely cares for the safety of their employees. These guys are the real deal.”

-Max StudioPasadena, CA

“They make me feel safe in my own home and within my neighborhood. They’re a great company; these are the guys to hire!”

-Beverly GouldinHome Owner, Pasadena, CA

“Since having CMP, I rest assured knowing that my property is secure during and after business hours. Not only is CMP professional, but they always go the extra mile in everything they do.”

-John Kulow, PGAGeneral Manager, La Mirada Golf Course